The use of physical or mental energy to do something; conscious exertion of power; hard work; a vigorous or determined attempt.


The art of devising or employing plans toward a goal; a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty.


The action or power of concentrating one's attention or mental effort on a specific thing or activity; the quality of having clear visual definition.


The ability to overcome adversity and recover from misfortune or change; the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

A good night’s sleep


Sleep deprivation is a major problem among college students. A 2001 study revealed that 11% of college students have good sleep quality while 73% have sleep problems. This could lead to lower grades and even health problems. Why a good night sleep is so important?

Paper or plastic?

Image of handwritten notes

Have you ever wonder if taking notes on your laptop is better than taking notes on paper? A group of researchers conducted an experiment to help you answer this question. Whether or not you will like their answer is a different story.

Education and your health


Here’s some added value for your college degree. A recent study from John Hopkins University concludes that educated brains are 7 times more likely to fully recover from moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries.

Identity: what defines you?

If you need to choose a word to describe yourself, what word would that be? What acts from your life will define your identity? Do you believe every person is given a fair chance to create their own successful identity? In this compelling presentation, civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson invites us to reflect on our […]