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Can a drug make you smarter?

On this blog we normally talk about things you should do to become a better student. Today we’re making an exception. We’re sharing this video that talks about something you should not do, and that is using artificial means to help you succeed. The Today Show reports on a dangerous trend taking place in some […]

Do you always share your goals?

One night I was watching the TV series Raising Hope when I heard a phrase that immediately caught my attention: “Because when you stop dreaming, you’re just sleeping”. And it just reminded me of how important our dreams are when we are trying to set goals for success. Without dreams we usually lack the necessary […]

Do you trust college rankings?

When choosing a college or university, how much do you rely on rankings? Personally, I don’t believe in rankings. I’m not arguing that they are totally useless, but there’s much more to a college or university than just the numbers and statistics compiled by magazines or media reports. Here is a list of recent articles about college rankings […]

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Transitioning from High School to College

The New College Experience Have you ever thought about the many differences between high school and college? Or did you just simply jumped onto the boat without understanding how those differences would impact your life? The college experience is a transformational event for every student. Those of you still leaving close to home maybe won’t […]

Improving Presentation Skills

Being in front of an audience could be frightening for some people. But we all need to do it at some time. At school or at work we’ll always be faced with the challenge of giving a presentation. The following video, developed by communications coach Carmine Gallo, discusses the presentation style of Steve Jobs, one […]