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Can a drug make you smarter?

On this blog we normally talk about things you should do to become a better student. Today we’re making an exception. We’re sharing this video that talks about something you should not do, and that is using artificial means to help you succeed. The Today Show reports on a dangerous trend taking place in some […]

How good are you at multitasking?

With so many things to take care on a single day multitasking has become an essential survival skill for most of us. And the more we practice the better we do it. Too bad this is not true. Multiple studies confirm that the human brain is not wired to multitask; at least not when one […]

Will you remember this post tomorrow?

Forgetting is normal. Actually, in most situations forgetting is the rule; remembering is the exception. Will you remember this post tomorrow? I hope you will, but most likely a fear you won’t. Let me tell you why. A German psychologist named Hermann Ebbinghaus started experimenting with memory┬áin the 1800s. He developed an experiment in which […]

The Information Processing System

Whenever we are exposed to new information we have two options: disregard the information or keep it. If the brain decides to keep it, the information will be encoded and placed into the short-term memory (STM). After it arrives to the STM it must be transformed and manipulated if we want to keep it in […]