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Common Test Errors

Some of the difficulties students face taking tests are related to poor study habits. However, that’s not always the case. Even when you study sufficiently, you can still get a bad grade if you’re not careful enough. Retrieved from the Cuesta College Support Services website, here is a list of common mistakes to avoid on a test: […]

Practicing retrieval is better for learning

“Educators, researchers and students are often focused on getting things ‘in memory,’ so techniques that encourage students to elaborate on the material are often popular. But learning is fundamentally about retrieving, and research shows that practicing retrieval while you study is crucial to learning.”


Want to be a better listener? Stop Multitasking

We have discussed before the myths behind multitasking. One of the most important aspects of focusing on a single task is avoiding distractions. Via Mashable we share this article discussing the multitasking challenge in a gadget-driven society: WHY MULTITASKING MAKES YOU LESS PRODUCTIVE … If you need to get things done, turn off all non-essential […]


iTunes U for You

There are moments in which classroom instruction is not enough to help you understand the topics you’re studying. In those situations a little external support is always welcomed. But where can you find it? You could try iTunes U.

Will you remember this post tomorrow?

Forgetting is normal. Actually, in most situations forgetting is the rule; remembering is the exception. Will you remember this post tomorrow? I hope you will, but most likely a fear you won’t. Let me tell you why. A German psychologist named Hermann Ebbinghaus started experimenting with memory in the 1800s. He developed an experiment in which […]