Archive | August, 2011

Practicing retrieval is better for learning

“Educators, researchers and students are often focused on getting things ‘in memory,’ so techniques that encourage students to elaborate on the material are often popular. But learning is fundamentally about retrieving, and research shows that practicing retrieval while you study is crucial to learning.”


Want to be a better listener? Stop Multitasking

We have discussed before the myths behind multitasking. One of the most important aspects of focusing on a single task is avoiding distractions. Via Mashable we share this article discussing the multitasking challenge in a gadget-driven society: WHY MULTITASKING MAKES YOU LESS PRODUCTIVE … If you need to get things done, turn off all non-essential […]

Effective Learning: 10 Tips

Learn in multiple ways; teach others what you learn; utilize previous learning. These are some tips offered by Kendra Cherry in the article, How to become a more effective learner. Kendra provides 10 excellent tips to enhance your learning experience. The tips are simple, yet very powerful. Here is one of my favorites: Keep Learning […]