Do you always share your goals?

One night I was watching the TV series Raising Hope when I heard a phrase that immediately caught my attention: “Because when you stop dreaming, you’re just sleeping”. And it just reminded me of how important our dreams are when we are trying to set goals for success. Without dreams we usually lack the necessary motivation to keep moving forward.

But dreams alone don’t take us very far. We must learn how to set up goals that are reasonable and achievable and act on those goals with consistency and determination. I’ll discuss more about goals on future posts.

Right now I just wan’t to direct your attention to the habit of sharing goals. How convenient is to share our goals with others? How often should we do it?

On this TED Talk Derek Sivers presents some interesting research-based facts about the psychology behind sharing goals. I think you’ll be surprised with the findings:

  • Erikaphi

    well I somehow disagree!! I think is very imperative to talk and declare to others your goals as if already happens…. but makes sence that we tend to rely on the fact that we are satisfied with our words rather than actions..but is not a matter of communication the goals is a matter of determination,consistency and effort…

  • Sivers totally right about the whole sharing a goal sets you back from actually accomplishing it and i can see how that happens. By sharing your goals you get that satisfaction of accomplishment as if you completed it even though you didn’t do anything. Once you keep getting that feeling and continue to share your goals then why would you need to complete it when your already happy and feel successful. I can take this into consideration with my future for sure and instead of sharing my goals ill just start working towards them and make them happen!

  • I find that just by stating my goals out loud/on my blog, it makes me more accountable. Now I’ve involved others in this goal and they are going to encourage me on my way. Do I accomplish every goal I set? No, of course not, but I know that I can go at it another way and then when I do accomplish it, it’s that much sweeter!

    • Anonymous

      I guess success does feel much sweeter when it is shared. Thanks for the contribution,
      – Fedinand