iTunes U for You

There are moments in which classroom instruction is not enough to help you understand the topics you’re studying. In those situations a little external support is always welcomed. But where can you find it? You could try iTunes U.

iTunes University is a service from Apple that allows colleges and universities to upload content to iTunes. This content can then be transferred to an iPod or watched (or listened) directly on your computer. Hundreds of universities currently make available courses and lectures for anyone to download. All you need is iTunes and some time to search.

Here’s a short tutorial on how to conduct a search in iTunes U:


  • Sidney Tak

    I think iTunes University is a great idea. This service from Apple may benefit teachers and students in several ways. Teachers may add on to their notes and lecture with out expanding class time. They may increase their ability to teach and educate students. Students may benefit the most from iTunes University as they can learn on the go. They can watch lectures at home or where ever they please. It is a great way for students to catch up whenever behind. iTunes University is just an all around great idea to boost the world of education.

    • Ferdinand

      Perhaps the most interesting thing about iTunes U is that it addresses the needs of students with different learning preferences (styles). Since you have access to audio, video and even class notes you’re in control; and you can use the resource that better fits your needs.