Google Calendar for Time Management

One of the main issues affecting the academic success of college students is poor time management skills. The inability to effectively organize and manage your time affects your performance and gets in the way of your grades and, some times, your degree.

Planners, organizers, calendars and similar tools are an essential part of your academic life. Without them it becomes very difficult to handle all the responsibilities of your academic, professional and personal life.

The following video tutorial, demonstrates how to use Google Calendar as a time management tool. I use Google Calendar because I like the interface and the format in which it presents multiple calendars. However, you can use Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook or any other electronic calendar. Even a paper-based calendar could work. What’s really important is choosing a tool that you feel comfortable with and that will help you stay organized and focused.

How to set up Google Calendar

To use Google Calendar you need to visit and sign up for an account. Gmail users can use their Google ID to access Google Calendar. But a Gmail account is not required; you can sign up using any email account. After completing the sign up process, Google will send you a confirmation email to verify your identity. Click on the link provided on the confirmation email and you should be all set.

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