We never stop learning

Learning happens everywhere and anytime, even if we’re not aware. We live in a persistent state of learning, un-learning and re-learning. At home, at schools, in the workplace, and in our communities. In almost every aspect of our lives we are constantly creating new knowledge and building new memories. This video presents a nice perspective about learning.

  • E_malcolm56

    I think that this video is one that everyone should watch.  When I was watching it, it kind of boosted my self confidence.  I agree with everything that was presented in the video too.  I think that it really made me think that I am lucky to be here because like the video said, everything that has to happen to a person for them to turn out right. I am almost 20 and have had no bodily disfigurements or anything.  It makes me feel good that everything went well when things were happening for me to be produced.  It also inspired me because it helped me think that there really are a lot of things out there that I can do and strive for.