Paper or plastic?

Image of handwritten notes

Have you ever wonder if taking notes on your laptop is better than taking notes on paper? A group of researchers conducted an experiment to help you answer this question. Whether or not you will like their answer is a different story.

Education and your health


Here’s some added value for your college degree. A recent study from John Hopkins University concludes that educated brains are 7 times more likely to fully recover from moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries.

Identity: what defines you?

If you need to choose a word to describe yourself, what word would that be? What acts from your life will define your identity? Do you believe every person is given a fair chance to create their own successful identity? In this compelling presentation, civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson invites us to reflect on our […]

The hard stuff often matters most

People avoid the hard things, even if it’s the most important, because it’s hard. But In lots of areas the hard stuff that people avoid is what matters most. It’s what’s most effective. So what are we to do?

Internet and reading comprehension

Image of multiple browser windows opened at once

The superficial manner in which we read material online is making it difficult for us to understand works that require more than a momentary commitment to comprehend them. Practices such as key-word searches, scanning for salient words, skimming for comprehension, scrolling, and link-clicking are not conducive to acquiring a deep understanding of the material being […]