Archive | April, 2011

How good are you at multitasking?

With so many things to take care on a single day multitasking has become an essential survival skill for most of us. And the more we practice the better we do it. Too bad this is not true. Multiple studies confirm that the human brain is not wired to multitask; at least not when one […]

Do you always share your goals?

One night I was watching the TV series Raising Hope when I heard a phrase that immediately caught my attention: “Because when you stop dreaming, you’re just sleeping”. And it just reminded me of how important our dreams are when we are trying to set goals for success. Without dreams we usually lack the necessary […]

Will you remember this post tomorrow?

Forgetting is normal. Actually, in most situations forgetting is the rule; remembering is the exception. Will you remember this post tomorrow? I hope you will, but most likely a fear you won’t. Let me tell you why. A German psychologist named Hermann Ebbinghaus started experimenting with memory in the 1800s. He developed an experiment in which […]

Do you trust college rankings?

When choosing a college or university, how much do you rely on rankings? Personally, I don’t believe in rankings. I’m not arguing that they are totally useless, but there’s much more to a college or university than just the numbers and statistics compiled by magazines or media reports. Here is a list of recent articles about college rankings […]

Rewards: how effective are they?

Being in college is not easy. When you need to take so many courses to complete a degree, a few of them feel like unnecessary and irrelevant. Regardless of those feelings, you still need to take them. So, how do you get motivated? It’s common knowledge that rewards have always been used to get people […]