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Identity: what defines you?

If you need to choose a word to describe yourself, what word would that be? What acts from your life will define your identity? Do you believe every person is given a fair chance to create their own successful identity? In this compelling presentation, civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson invites us to reflect on our […]

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Internet and reading comprehension

The superficial manner in which we read material online is making it difficult for us to understand works that require more than a momentary commitment to comprehend them. Practices such as key-word searches, scanning for salient words, skimming for comprehension, scrolling, and link-clicking are not conducive to acquiring a deep understanding of the material being […]


Improving reading comprehension takes time

Reading can be a daunting task for a lot of students. Sometimes because of boredom, others because of poor reading skills and in some cases due to a learning disability. ESL students can also face challenges when reading college level textbooks. These five reading comprehension tips could benefit any body struggling with reading and interested […]

The brain is not wired for constant stimuli

Conquering Procrastination Like a Boss

After an hour of studying, the idea of continuing to study is dreadful, UNBEARABLE! Your brain stops retaining new information. Your mind can’t stop wondering to other topics. You’re almost willing to actually go do your laundry then sit there and studying any longer. Why is that, you ask?